The Complete Guide to Building a Self-Hosted WordPress Site

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  • Dream Team of Tools & Plugins that will allow you to build a scalable, robust and completely automated self-hosted web site - in 7 days or less!
  • Self-hosted or hosted Platform? Don't have to research endlessly. I've shared all the details that should greatly cut short your learning curve!
  • Don't postpone your launch because you're overwhelmed with the site-building process. This eBook will help you focus on your core product instead of the technical aspects of site-building.
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If you fall under any of these categories, this book is for YOU:

  • 1

    Looking to start a website.

    You are looking to start a web site to launch your product, but not sure whether to go with fully-hosted platforms (like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace) or build a self-hosted Wordpress web site.

  • 2

    Overwhelmed with all the available options. Need clarity.

    You are looking to start a self-hosted website to launch your product, but you are overwhelmed with all the available options. While this is not a complete beginner's guide, it'll provide you with clarity and steer you in the right direction.

  • 3

    Know what you need but don't know what resources will best fulfill those needs.

    You know that you need a good Web-Hosting Platform, a CMS, an Email-Marketing Platform, a Wordpress Theme, a Membership Plugin etc to build a web site, but are not sure which ones will provide the best long term foundation to run a fully automated web site.

  • 4

    Not sure if you need a Membership Site for your product.

    You want a completely automated way to manage your products, emails and subscribers. You are not sure if you even need a membership site because you don't sell any subscription products.

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